Coventry University

Walking around Coventry University

This morning I started a CIM Level 4 course at Coventry University within the William Morris Building, so I thought it would be appropriate to share some of my Coventry University images.

I’ve walked through the ever expanding University grounds throughout the years but rarely been into the buildings themselves. Today was the first time I’d been into the William Morris Building since its refurbishment of the ground floor and it now has a very modern look inside, which is mirrored by the new landscaping outside linking the buildings in the surrounding area together fantastically.

Alongside the William Morris Building,  EEC Building and Student Centre lies the iconic structure of the Lanchester Library which was purposely designed to allow natural light and air filtration to flow throughout the building. The library itself opened in September 2000 and due to this has also gone through a floor by floor redevelopment to brighten things up over the past few years.

Lanchester Library

The latest building to be added to the the ever growing belt of the university is the Science and Health Building located on Much Park Street. The building itself was build on the old staff car park, but not before an archaeological dig unearthed underground rooms and a cellar dating back to the 14th Century, believed to be from the ribbon factory which once sat on the site. The new University building now sits alongside the cobbled path which runs from Whitefriars Street to the old Toy museum on Much Park Street, and with its tree lined fascia, black fencing and Victorian style street lamps, doesn’t look out of place.

Science and Health Building

One of my favourite images of the University I have taken so far has to be from between The Hub and Alan Berry Building. The two buildings lead you to the splendid view of the Cathedrals in the background. It makes me think what a fabulous campus Coventry University is, as not many other Universities can boast they have two Cathedrals as neighbours.

The Hub & Alan Berry Building

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