Cathedral entrance

Rainy Days

A rainy start to the day yesterday made me look back on what great shots you can get in Coventry even if the weather isn’t in your favour.

I took a walk through Priory Place and past the Priory Visitors Centre where, whilst walking across the bridge over Priory Gardens, I saw how the water droplets sat, asking to be photographed, on the hand rails either side.

Priory Gardens

Having taken a right after walking across the bridge I headed into Broadgate where Sir William Reid Dick’s, Lady Godiva statue sat proudly glistening in the rain.

The old Cathedral ruins also make for a great place for photo’s in the rain especially with the shimmering reflections created by the flagstones.

A few months ago I also captured a ‘calm after the storm’ shot of Coventry Council House with the tree’s outside Civic Centre 1 framing the top right corner nicely. I hope these tree’s stay as part of the impending redevelopment work.

Coventry Council House

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