Museum of the Moon - Cathedral

Festival of Imagineers 2017

The past week has seen Coventry locations transformed through the Festival of Imagineers 2017. I was lucky enough to take in some of the wonders that were on offer. 

I visited Coventry Cathedral on Wednesday and was welcomed by the timberwave created by Arup, (a giant within the Civil Engineering world), alongside Coventry secondary schools. It was a busy day in the old Cathedral ruins with the Coventry University Freshers Fair taking place so it was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle and step inside the new Cathedral.

Luke Jerram‘s, Museum of the Moon installation was at Coventry Baths and having heard and read great things about it I had to see it for myself. I headed to the viewing gallery and as I reached the top step I saw the 7m wide moon hanging gracefully above the pool. It was amazing to see and I was a little bit disappointed I wasn’t able to take a swim underneath it.

IMG_E6791Knowing the Museum of the Moon installation was moving to the Cathedral I decided to take a detour home after attending the #CovHour Live event at the Butts Park Arena. It was late in the evening and I wasn’t sure the Cathedral would be open but on arrival I realised the filming for the BBC documentary, ‘Wonders of the Moon’ was still in progress. As I walked into the Cathedral I was offered the opportunity to be part of the filming, so I joined the crowd of extras as they were being directed to walk toward the moon whilst at the same time shielding their eyes from the distant sun. It was such a great experience and one I can say I will never forget.

Once filming had concluded, and having had a catch up with Kathi from Imagineers, I used the opportunity to take a few more photos as it definitely isn’t something you’d see everyday. The lighting within the Cathedral also made for some amazing shots which i wouldn’t have otherwise captured during daylight hours.

My last visit for this years festival was late on Saturday night to see the Moon again. This time for the Derek Nisbet Moonlight Medley in the Cathedral. The hauntingly beautiful pieces had everybody captivated under the surreal landscape of Cathedral and moon combined.


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