brutal Civic Centre buildings of Coventry

The brutal Civic Centre buildings of Coventry

With the move to One Friargate imminent I took a stroll around the Civic Centres over the weekend to capture the area before Coventry University start redevelopment work in the coming months.

With the recent development of Council House Square the aspect in front of Civic Centre 1 has improved dramatically, and sits well with the evergreen trees that line the buildings frontage.


As you walk past the front of CC1 you are led to the steps leading up to Meschede Way and confronted by the brutal architectural styling of Civic Centre 4. With the impending demolition of Priory Halls and Civic Centre 4 this particular brutal style will sadly only have Coventry Point flying the flag for it in the near future.

There are numerous connecting areas between CC1 and CC4 which incorporate car park entrances, bike parks and service areas.

At the rear of CC1 you can see the glass sided bridge that leads between CC1 and CC2. It is also home to the sadly forgotten courtyard which backs onto the glass box gallery. I remember visiting the courtyard growing up as a child with the pond being full and the Naiad statue still being in place. The statue was then relocated to Lady Herberts Gardens before more recently sadly being put into storage.


Above and to the sides of the glass box gallery are Civic Centre 2 & 3. The glass frontage of CC2 is now listed and will have to be incorporated into the plans for Coventry University going forward, along with the previously mentioned forgotten courtyard.

As a start to the re-developments the bridge between the Council House and CC3 was removed in April of this year. I know some people found the bridge rather offensive as it didn’t exactly fit in with the architectural style of the Council House but I personally liked its striking appearance and still look up expecting to see it.


My favourite image of the the area I have managed to capture is of the interior of Civic Centre 4, taken from the 14 floor stairwell. The main thing going through my mind was ‘don’t drop your phone!’.


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