architecture within Barracks car park

The architecture within Barracks car park

Although car parks aren’t usually the most thrilling of places, if you take a step back and take the time to look at the Barracks car park it’s more than just somewhere to park up for the day.

Back in 2010 Coventry City Council took the decision to refurbish the 50+ year old car park as it was showing its age and was in desperate need of repair. After a consultation process Makers were commissioned to refurbish and prolong the life of the car park.

Makers to the Rescue

Yes, there is still plenty of concrete involved, but the sharp angles, geometric stairwells and leading lines make it a brutally beautiful piece of architecture.


architecture within Barracks car park

Sharp angles

Geometric stairwells

Leading lines

Brutal architecture


Site history

Located on the site of The Black Bull Inn, (or Bull Inn) the name Barracks originated when the Inn itself was brought by the British government when France declared war on the country in 1793. The Inn was demolished and a barracks built in its place. Once the barracks were no longer in use in 1922, the building was used as a market. In the 1960’s it was then developed into the car park as we know it.

One thought on “The architecture within Barracks car park

  1. Great idea to write a piece about Barracks Car Park. I have just been reading in the David McGrory book Coventry’s Bloody History about the barracks and the royalists within the town. We have 4 copies of the book left at Half Price reduced from £9.99 to £5 excellent stocking filler and full of Coventry information.


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