Coombe Abbey sunset

A Festive Coombe Abbey

I have visited Coombe Country Park many times over the years but I have never previously had the pleasure of staying at Coombe Abbey Hotel itself.


The award winning hotel was originally founded as an abbey in the 12th century and is rich in history. As part of the dissolution of the monasteries it was surrendered to King Henry VIII. Queen Elizabeth I even lived there as a child.

The entrance bridge over the lake and courtyard of the hotel were decorated for the Christmas period and looked fantastic at night.

Once within the hotel the reception area, corridors and rooms themselves all have an amazing array of medieval features all of which add to the majestic feel.


Views from the Mowbray room were over the lake and allowed for some lovely pictures, especially with the snow on the ground.

I took the opportunity to take an early morning walk through the landscaped gardens and down to the lake. The lake is part of the Country Park which was opened to the public in 1966, which was a few years after Coventry City Council purchased Coombe Abbey and its accompanying 150 acres of land.

Although it was a cold morning it didn’t stop the local wildlife from looking for breakfast.

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