Coventry Cathedral Tower climb

Last week I took the opportunity to climb the tower within the ruins of Coventry Cathedral.

As you enter the base of the tower you are greeted by a small gift shop which up until recently housed the Tourist Information Centre until it moved to The Herbert. Once you have paid and received your token you are able to start you climb.

With over 180 steps within the stairwell of the tower it is worth stopping to look through the slit windows to see just how high you are going as you ascend.

As part of the climb you are able to look over the bells housed within the tower which, if caught at the right time, you can hear chime. Once in the small area overlooking the bells you are able to see the intricate details of the inner tower. Something I wasn’t expecting and was an eyeopener.

Once your climb is complete and you walk onto the canopy below the spire the vista of the Coventry landscape lies before you.

The first view takes in the Coventry Council House where you can see the detail of the tiling on the inner walls of the compound. You can also see the Friargate and the new Waterpark development.

Walking around the parapet brings you to overlook the city centre with the most notable landmarks being the three shopping centres, West Orchard, Lower Precinct, Cathedral Lanes as well as the former Owen and Owen building now inhabited by Primark.

As well as the shopping areas you can see Holy Trinity Church in its full glory.

Vista number three overlooks Coventry toward Ricoh Arena, Priory Visitors Centre and the new Cathedral.

The final view showcases the old cathedral ruins in full, allowing your to see exactly how the structure would have stood before the devastation of WWII. Sitting around the cathedral the growing Coventry University campus is also visible.

The only thing left to do before heading back down the stairwell is to look up and admire the spire itself.

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