Coventry Cathedral


As a Coventry kid born in the 80’s I remember a city centre where I shopped in Shambles Arcade, Intershop and Zodiac. Although these shops are no longer there and others have been and gone the true beauty of Coventry has stood the test of time.

Having worked in the city centre for nearly 20 years I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by not one, but two iconic cathedrals, the beautiful St Mary’s Guildhall that once graced visits from Mary, Queen of Scots and Shakespeare, and the 14th century manor house which is the oldest building in the country to be used as a Register Office ceremony room.

Standing alongside these historical buildings Coventry hosts many examples of brutalist architecture, which love it or hate it, adds to the famous three spire skyline.

Coventry Captured was created to showcase the city’s historical landmarks, diverse architectural styling and its natural hidden beauty.